This is the first trailer for the documentary film project, "Ascending India." The first phase of our project was to capture Sujay at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, and interview him about his quest to bring greater awareness and development of rock climbing, back to his home country of India. I then traveled to India to document Sujay's work in developing the country's first government-sanctioned sport climbing area. Follow us on Vimeo, connect with us on facebook or elsewhere, to stay posted on some upcoming information, shooting dates, and fundraisers. Thanks for watching.

Produced and Directed by Mike Wilkinson

Assistant Director, Camera Op: Jakob Skogheim

Additional footage: Hilary Young

Camera Assistant: Charlie Steen

Rope Master: Andrew Baldwin

Helping Hands AKA Sherpas: Qi Ren, Ellie Goolsby

Graphics Assistant: John Lloyd

Big thanks to the Planet Rock Climbing Gym in Michigan!

Music: Andrea Soru aka "Taste of Dream" Track: "Grapes of Grace" and Redmagik Track: "Progress"